Hordes: Shifting Stones


These are Hordes Circle Oroboros Shifting Stones by Privateer Press. I painted them in a very similar way to the Sentry Stone I posted previously. Since these seemed to be in a state of disrepair, I added some more greenery, and crawling vines.

This clears my workbench of pending projects, and leaves room for pirates. Lots and lots of pirates. Ships, too. And of course, terrain.

Hordes: Sentry Stone, and Mannikins


Here is a Sentry Stone, and some Mannikins, from Hordes: Circle Oroboros.

I did a quick paint job of the Mannikins yesterday. They started with a black primer, and got 4 progressively lighter shades of brown, with black and brown washes in between. Details on these guys were easy! They don't have too many.

The Sentry Stone was grey, washed black, and drybrushed grey. I then painted the runes in a brass color, and coated those sections with a heavy layer of Secret Weapon green wash. It's brighter than the usual verdigris wash I mix up, but I wanted it to stand out. The little gem at the top is blue, with lighter blue and white highlights.

They are based just like my other Circle Orobos minis.


Wreck-Age Reclaimers


Here are the finished Wreck-Age Reclaimers. I was originally planning on basing them just like my Stitcher faction, but I saw a small container of leftover green water effects from the pond I made for my trailer park, and I decided that perhaps these guys were hunting for old tech near an abandoned nuclear plant, with toxic puddles.


Here is the first layer of water effects. I did the grey/wash/highlight basing first, then did a gloss varnish coat, and 2 coats of matte varnish on top. Once this was dry, I added the water goo. I tried to create natural looking puddles. I added a drop or 2 of the goo, and let it spread naturally.


Here is what they looked like after a 2nd layer of water. I thickened it in sections, and also spread some thinner layers at the edges of each puddle to give added depth. It is very important when working with water effects to let each layer dry completely to avoid clouding and bubbles. I let these layers dry for 8-10 hours each.


Once the second layer was dry, I carefully spread watered down PVA glue around the base, and sprinkled static grass. Some larger grass tufts complete the look. You can see in this image how reflective the water area is. The images don't do it justice... They look really wet, and the basing texture gives it a nice depth.

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