Best Albums of 2014


I don't usually do this, but I was thinking about all the great music I heard over the past year, and wanted to document some of it. To be clear, this list is a best of music that was new TO ME in 2014. Some of these picks are older. They are in no specific order.


The Heartbreaker's new album is great. SO MUCH FUZZ. Great, catchy pop tunes. Tom Petty has still got it!


I forgot how much I enjoyed this band. While it isn't my favorite album (Joy), it is a very enjoyable record.


Soundgarden's Superunknown is 20 years old. They released a fantastic anniversary 5 disc box set. It includes the remastered album, unreleased tracks, live songs, and demos. The 5th disc is a blu-ray with surround sound mixes. It is an interesting way to listen to these familiar tunes.


Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake was released by the Small Faces back in 1968. I had never heard of this record until stumbling across it by accident last fall. It is a great example of 60s psychedelia, and an important piece of rock history. Seriously. Go read about the Small Faces if you are not familiar with them.


John Scofield. Need I say more? This is a great example of his work.


I got turned on to The Handsome Family after watching True Detective. The show's theme song came from this album. The rest of the tracks are just as good. Even if you are not into mellow vintage style alt-country, give them a listen. I particularly love the production of this one.


The Arctic Monkeys 2013 release, AM is "indie rock" at it's finest. I was turned on to them by my oldest nephew.


Okay... so only 2 of these albums were actually released in 2014. I don't care. They are all still great!

Remembering Molly


A year doesn't make it any easier.

Molly, we miss you!

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