Info about my camera


A few people have emailed me about the camera that I’m using. it is an Olympus E-500. This is an 8mp digital SLR camera. I have a 14-45mm lens, and a 40-150mm lens. Due to the format of this particular camera, these lenses have a 35mm equivalent of 28-90mm, and 80-300mm.

I also have the matching FL36 Flash unit, and the EX-25 macro extension tube. This tube allows me to take close up shots of all sorts of things:


 I carry this camera everywhere I go, and I enjoy taking pictures of everything. I try to challenge myself to take new and different shots. Many come out poorly,some come out great, but they’ll just get better over time. My friend Peter and I work to challenge each other with a little project we started a few weeks ago. I’ll describe that in another post.