E3 News

My friend Phil works in the video game industry, and he got to go to E3 this year. E3 is the biggest video game trade show.Someday, he will get me in, but for now, he just tells me about it. His words (edited slightly for spelling and content) follow:

Sorry you had to wait for this. I have been super-busy, But i'm actually off for the whole weekend for once. Woo Hoo!

So yeah, i played the new castlevania for Nintendo DS, called Portrait of Ruin. You can switch on the fly between a whip-meister simonesque dude and a girl with a triple-axe thing. You can also call in the other character for teamup attacks. The graphics/animations are once again wonderful and the boss i played was BIG. It looked great on the new DS Lite...and speaking of the Lite, I bought one today. Woot! It's tiny and bright (too bright on the highest setting actually).

I also got to play the Wii, which is pretty neat. It really does follow your movements pretty much exactly...Like in the baseball game if you twirl the remote around before your swing, then the guy onscreen will do it as well. and the nunchuck addon has motion-sensing, too, so in metroid you fling it out to use samus's grappling hook. I'll definately be getting one. If you haven't seen the super smash brothers brawl trailer yet, WATCH IT!

Sony's booth was sucked...Nothing worth buying the PS3 for yet, especially at 600 bucks.
Xbox had a few new ones: Dead Rising, Lost Planet, and Ninety Nine Nights that all look really fun...plus Lumines Live!
Funny thing: i saw a kiosk with Windows Vista, and it crashed to a black screen with grey text...hehe.

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