Fun With Drones

I picked up a DJI Spark drone during a Black Friday sale. It is a small portable drone with a 2 axis gimbal and 1080p camera. I got the package deal that came with an extra battery and a controller. Each battery gives approximately a 16 minute flight time. It will take practice to master, but is very easy to fly.

For my first flight, I went near the local high school, which is near a wetlands preserve. There was 15pmh wind, but the drone handled very well:

My second flight was in a wetlands preserve in Griffith, IN. My friend Chris and I got out there as the sun was starting to set, and we got some cool shots. We experimented with some of the automatic features. As Chris ran down the path, I set the drone to automatically follow him. As I got more brave, I got closer and closer to the water. Enjoy!


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