New Music- Life As Usual

Brendan Maier’s solo debut released this morning. I’ve been working with this young man for a few years across multiple bands, and it was a pleasure to play a role in this release. He has really come a long way from his grunge roots!

I co produced this with my friend, the talented artist Nick Wlos. I mixed and mastered the release.

This was a really interesting way to make a record. Brendan was in Seattle, and recorded guitar/bass/vocals to a click track. We then sent the tracks over to Dagan Thogerson, drummer from the band Murder By Death, who laid down the rhythm tracks. After that, the tracks made their way to Chicago, where Nick laid down keys and assorted other instruments, and I added additional guitars and percussion. We added some sweet additional instrumentation courtesy of Joel Barr (saxophones), and Rhodrick Magsino (bowed drones). All production work was done in Apple Logic X, and then moved to Pro Tools for mixing.

We really poured our heart and souls into this record, and I think it shows! Please enjoy!

It can be found on all major streaming sites, and can be purchased at Brendan’s bandcamp site:


Youtube Music


Apple Music

Please take some time to check out the other artists that helped to make this such a cool record (linked above). And… if you’re looking to make a record, please let me know how I can help via the contact form.

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