Welcome to my 2011 photo page!

10-22-11 Brookfield Zoo

9-11-11 Oak Lawn First Responder’s Memorial Unveiling

08-6-11 Brookfield Zoo

July, 2011 Alaska Cruise 5

July, 2011 Alaska Cruise 4

July, 2011 Alaska Cruise 3

July, 2011 Alaska Cruise 2

July, 2011 Alaska Cruise 1

July, 2011 Vancouver

05-28-11 Mishawaka, IN

05-22-11 Milwaukee, WI

05-21-11 The Deal With 44

05-20-11 Lunchtime

05-08-11 Flowers

03-19-11 Nature Walk

02-11 Washington D.C.

01-15-10 Garfield Park Conservatory

01-08-10 Weezer

As of right now, all posted pictures are straight from my Olympus E-30, E-510 digital SLR, E-PL1, or my Olympus S-720SW idiot camera. Earlier Galleries have little to no post processing. Almost all of the pictures posted since the beginning of 2009 have been post processed in some way.

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