New wide angle lens test

We’ve got sun today! While at lunch I finally got a chance to test out my new ultra wide angle lens.  Here is an example:

The cool thing about this shot is that I didn’t do any retouching other than resizing the image. This new lens seems to have a natural polarizing effect, and it does great things to the color of the sky. Otherwise, this is not a particularly enticing image. .. More will be forthcoming.

In addition, here is a recent macro shot:

What is this?

I didn’t use my wide angle lens for this. It was taken with my 70-300mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter and a 4.8 diopter close up lens added. I hand held the camera and lit the subject using 2 flashes… One on the left bounced up, and directly from the right. If you don’t recognize it, it is a 20 dollar bill.