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More progress was made on the Hordes Circle Oroboros miniatures. All copper basecoating has been completed, and the verdigris wash has been applied on a few of the minis.


Here you can see the still wet verdigris wash as it pools all over the armor.


Here is a closer look. You can see that it drastically alters the copper color, turning it more golden. You can also see the pooling effect. Normally a wash is used to shade, in only the model’s recesses, and you would not want it applied so heavily. In this case, we want it to appear to tarnish or discolor the armor bits, so a heavy application is appropriate. We will repaint the raised areas to make the stand out in a later step.


Here you can see the wash after it has been dried. The armor is dull and dingy. By this time, I had highlighted the fur with lighter shades of grey. In addition, the flesh was painted grey and washed with a dark grey wash to shade it. The leather was also painted brown and shaded with a brown wash.


Here you can see some almost complete models. Notice the raised areas on the armor are highlighted back up to a coppery color. In addition, most of the detail work has been completed. Final highlighting and basing still remain.


These guys have been highlighted along the raised edges. The initial layer of my basing scheme has been applied. Notice the layers of shading on the wings and muscles.


Same goes for these guys. it was difficult to apply the basing texture paint without ruining the white wolf!


See above. The final steps for basing will be a dark brown wash over all the ground areas. Then, a highlight layer. Then, I will gloss varnish them. This will add a hard protective layer. After the gloss varnish dries, I will add static grass over most of the base. I will also add small bits of taller grasses. Then they will get 2 coats of matte varnish to dull the gloss, and give them an extra layer of protection.


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