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Gallery- Rock Con

I spent yesterday running demos for Wreck-Age at the Rock-Con convention in Rockford, IL. It was a very long, but fun day. I think we might have had the coolest looking table there! I supplied all the terrain, and Hyacinth Games supplied most of the minis. We ran a bunch of demos, as well as []

On The Workbench

The barn is done. I added rust on the barrels, and some grass tufts. The pond is done. I added grass tufts, tall reeds, and some bushes. The windmill is rusty and done. The water tower is rusty and done. This piece looks so awesome. They all look better in person! I started rusting the []

On The Workbench

All the windows have been replaced. I also started basecoating the other bits… boxes and barrels are finished. Silver stuff is next. Unfortunately it does not show well in pictures, but I have poured 2 layers of water into the pond. The green floating stuff is actually layers of different green paint on the base. []

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