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Off The Workbench- Privateer Press and Mierce Miniatures

This guy’s name is Cassius The Oathkeeper. I did a fairly simple paint job on him, using the airbrush for the cloak, masking it with silly putty, and then doing the flesh. The rest of it was simple layers and washes. I treated his sword with a bit of rust. I figure it’s out in []

Hordes: Shifting Stones

These are Hordes Circle Oroboros Shifting Stones by Privateer Press. I painted them in a very similar way to the Sentry Stone I posted previously. Since these seemed to be in a state of disrepair, I added some more greenery, and crawling vines. This clears my workbench of pending projects, and leaves room for pirates. []

Hordes: Sentry Stone, and Mannikins

Here is a Sentry Stone, and some Mannikins, from Hordes: Circle Oroboros. I did a quick paint job of the Mannikins yesterday. They started with a black primer, and got 4 progressively lighter shades of brown, with black and brown washes in between. Details on these guys were easy! They don’t have too many. The []

Wreck-Age Reclaimers

Here are the finished Wreck-Age Reclaimers. I was originally planning on basing them just like my Stitcher faction, but I saw a small container of leftover green water effects from the pond I made for my trailer park, and I decided that perhaps these guys were hunting for old tech near an abandoned nuclear plant, []

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