Off The Workbench- Privateer Press and Mierce Miniatures


This guy’s name is Cassius The Oathkeeper. I did a fairly simple paint job on him, using the airbrush for the cloak, masking it with silly putty, and then doing the flesh. The rest of it was simple layers and washes. I treated his sword with a bit of rust. I figure it’s out in the rain a lot. I also gave him green eyes. I added flock and ivy to the vine that holds him up to help it stand out a bit. I really like this mini, and he was fun to paint.


Cassius never goes anywhere without his buddy Wurmwood, Tree of Fate. the skulls all over it make it a little more evil than I would have preferred, but I still dig how it came out. Layers of brown were applied to the outer bark with the airbrush with washes in between. The inner bark was painted in Reaper’s 2013 holiday Ginger Bread color (which I LOVE), and washed in Secret Weapon Armor Wash. I added summer underbrush and ivy to my standard dirt/flock/grass tufts.


This warrior is from Mierce Miniatures. He is wearing a bear fur. I painted the inside pink to make it look “fresh”. His axe is rusty, and his armor is painted to match my Circle Oroboros minis.


This is the were-bear form of the above mini. He looks bad-ass. His axe handle is so thin and delicate that I am sure to break it at some point.

One thought on “Off The Workbench- Privateer Press and Mierce Miniatures

  1. Those came out great! Especially Cassius and Wurmwood. That is a really nice little tree model.
    I’m looking forward to seeing them in person…though not really looking forward to trying to fight them!

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