Hordes: Sentry Stone, and Mannikins


Here is a Sentry Stone, and some Mannikins, from Hordes: Circle Oroboros.

I did a quick paint job of the Mannikins yesterday. They started with a black primer, and got 4 progressively lighter shades of brown, with black and brown washes in between. Details on these guys were easy! They don’t have too many.

The Sentry Stone was grey, washed black, and drybrushed grey. I then painted the runes in a brass color, and coated those sections with a heavy layer of Secret Weapon green wash. It’s brighter than the usual verdigris wash I mix up, but I wanted it to stand out. The little gem at the top is blue, with lighter blue and white highlights.

They are based just like my other Circle Orobos minis.


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