Wreck-Age Demo Day at The Gaming Goat

Saturday, we celebrated the PDF release of the Wreck-Age Rules, and the release of the Reclaimers  box set with an event at the Gaming Goat in Oak Park.

We had 3 tables set up. 2 were for demo games, and the 3rd was used for some longer games. We tested a number of variations of the Stichers v. Stakers scenario that Matt and I wrote. We managed to come up with some great improvements, and hope to release it to the public very soon.

Special thanks to Charlie and Ross at the Goat. It is a great local shop!

Here are some pics from the event:

1-18-14wa-1 1-18-14wa-2 1-18-14wa-3 1-18-14wa-4 1-18-14wa-5 1-18-14wa-6 1-18-14wa-7

One Response to “Wreck-Age Demo Day at The Gaming Goat”

  1. MSears says:

    Thanks JLo!

    That massive brawl was probably the largest WA melee I have seen, was cool to see how it played out.

    · January 21, 2014 @ 2:58 pm


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