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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Content Aware Fill

I’ve been working with the new Photoshop content aware fill feature for a couple of days now. This feature is supposed to revolutionize photo editing. You can select anything in an image, hit delete, and photoshop will replace it with appropriate material from the background, like the deleted subject was never there in the first []

My new laptop

Due to various reasons, the time came for me to replace my ailing desktop PC. I decided that my hand built, liquid-cooled behemoth was a dinosaur; It was time to move to something more portable… I had a few requirements: 1) It must be powerful enough for my audio/video editing needs 2) It must be []

E3 News

My friend Phil works in the video game industry, and he got to go to E3 this year. E3 is the biggest video game trade show.Someday, he will get me in, but for now, he just tells me about it. His words (edited slightly for spelling and content) follow: Sorry you had to wait for []

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