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On The Workbench

Here is my ruined Tudor building. It is fully assembled, and mostly primed. Pirates! At the Chicago Skirmish Wargames swap meet a couple of weeks ago, I picked up the big dude in the front, and decided that a group of pirates would be a fun project. The press gang in the back are by []

Hordes: Circle Oroboros

Here are my finished Circle Oroboros models. These come from the 2 player battle box (with a single added mini). This is the Feral Warpwolf, ready to tear opponents limb from limb… This unit of Warpborn Skinwalkers is part human/part wolf. I plan on adding a Warpborn Alpha to this group. The Argus and Winter []

Productive Day on the Workbench

I added details and logos to the crates. They are ready for weathering! I finally basecoated this industrial building with Vallejo Air Mahogany. It will have a ton of metallic details. I spent some time on the concrete walls and Wreck-Age barricades. They all need work on the ground parts, but are otherwise almost finished. []