Reviews are Pouring in for Red Air Don’t Care!

Check out all the positive press! Go To Space Die’s Red Air Don’t Care has gotten some great write ups. They’ve even called out my mixes! Links below with some fun quotes:

Vents Magazine

The drums feel like they weigh a thousand tons in “Queen D” and “Threes Away,” and yet there’s still plenty of room in this mix for the melodic elements in the music to stab us with their potency,

Indie Pulse Music

The guitars submit so much texture to the master mix in the slothful “Spring Ahead,” Jawbreaker-reminiscent “Sheets,” and cutting “Rollaway,” but scarcely is there an instance in which physicality is taking the place of genuine melodic substance.

Don’t forget to check out this earlier review as well:

Divide And Conquer Music

I loved being a part of this record, both as a producer, and a mixer, and it is great to see that others are loving it too.

You can listen to or purchase the full album on Bandcamp HERE, or enjoy it on your favorite streaming service!

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