Even More Drone Fun…

I took the drone out to Wolfe Wildlife Refuge for some more sunset flights. I tried to challenge the camera with difficult lighting. I also played around with adding gimbal movement while piloting the drone.

I took more stills on this flight. The camera's capabilities keep surprising me!

This is one of my favorite stills from this series. I love the cloud reflections on the water.

The light was dimming very quickly, and made for some tough shots.

The colors were phenomenal!

More cool reflections.

This was facing the opposite direction of the previous shot.  Night and day! You can see downtown Chicago way off in the distance.

Here is a super cool panorama. Don't forget to click on it to see it full size.

Here is some of the video I shot during this flight.


I need to find some new places to take the drone!

More Fun With Drones

I took the drone out to Arrowhead Lake. I an feeling much more confident in my pilot skills, much to the dismay of the local geese. The first thing I did when I arrived, was send the drone 375 feet over the lake. I commanded it to make a spherical panorama:

This was stitched together from 46 images that the drone took automatically. I then ran it through some post processing in Photoshop:

Here is the video I while I was out there:

I also shot the drone to it's maximum legal height, 400 feet, directly above my house, and shot another spherical panorama:

Here is the edited version:

This thing is super fun, and I can't wait to get it back up in the air!


Fun With Drones

I picked up a DJI Spark drone during a Black Friday sale. It is a small portable drone with a 2 axis gimbal and 1080p camera. I got the package deal that came with an extra battery and a controller. Each battery gives approximately a 16 minute flight time. It will take practice to master, but is very easy to fly.

For my first flight, I went near the local high school, which is near a wetlands preserve. There was 15pmh wind, but the drone handled very well:

My second flight was in a wetlands preserve in Griffith, IN. My friend Chris and I got out there as the sun was starting to set, and we got some cool shots. We experimented with some of the automatic features. As Chris ran down the path, I set the drone to automatically follow him. As I got more brave, I got closer and closer to the water. Enjoy!


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